Hazelview = 666 in English Gematria



Hazelview = 666 English Gematria

The Daughter of this solicitor who betrayed my parents has an interesting ordinal English Gematria.


“Irish Daily News” =  13  (175 ordinal reduced 1+7+5 = 13)



“Silchester Downs”  = 13  ( 193 ordinal English reduced !+9+3=13)

“Silchester Downs”


“mayerling glensil house konkers” = 343 Ordinal English. (7x7x7)   # completion


343 is an Illuminati code.

343 Firemen Died on 9/11










Masonic Gematria and occult numerology explained

The Number “33”  Highly Significant

33 + 32 = 65  reduced 6+5 = 11

My Christian parents died  1331 days apart    or 11 x 11 x 11

I always hated my Da for how he treated me in he past.

But after his death I could see how he suffered when he was betrayed by his corrupt in law solicitor I can now understand why he behaved.







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