How the Occult was encoded into a corporate name and then used by a rogue lawyer to betray, persecute and cheat on a retired inlaw Christian client into a property deal in the planned absence of his wife to benefit is own family and greed.


This rogue solicitor fraudulently created a corporation and  encoded with the occult number “666” in English gematria (example above)  and deliberately used it to betray, cheat and even persecute his client.

The incident happened 27 years ago and those directly behind it now deceased (except for one)  The deep hurt, betrayal and aftershocks have devastated the family to this very day.

Using his professional skills as a property developer he duped the naive client into the sale of a vast amount of his estate under extreme pressure in the absence of his wife while she was attending the childbirth of his daughter in a foreign country.  

He was able to use his Daughter as a wedge to gain access and build up trust and confidence to win him over from his former lawyer so that he could pull this off. Being the acting lawyer he had access to all the real estate plans at his fingertips and could use them for his own benefit.  He also played on their meekness and humility hoping that they would hold their silence until their deaths and even threatened blackmail.

Much of what really happened back then is only starting to surface after their deaths when the files were opened and personal letters written to these inlaws pleading on his wife’s welfare. They never even had so much as a apology from this callous family and the hurt and unfinished legal technicalities over boundary issues due to this rogue solicitor incompetence have been passed on to this very day. 

19 houses were initially planned by this development and this couple had to face the shame and embarrassment while this rogue solicitor and members of his family were  able to shield themselves  behind their corporations

The story will go into great detail revealing the great hurt and humiliation that robbed this elderly couple of their twilight years. It will reveal the facts of who were directly and indirectly behind it with all relevant links to official documentation as evidence.

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